Saturday, May 25, 2013

Progress and Lessons

Hi all,

This going to be another quick post.  I'm going through a lot of changes at the job and as usual school is kicking my butt. I'm installing Blogger right now so I can post on the go (side note:  the Galaxy S4 is pretty awesome!).

My new supervisor is amazing!  The LMHC internship at work keeps me busy.  I started studying for the NBCC exam (as in, worked on practice modules) this past week.  I plan on taking the exam when I'm on break from school in late September, ready or not.

I recently learned at work that you have to be careful of who you give the benefit of a doubt to at work, depending on the nature of your job.  There are people who are miserable or stuck in their life and instead of working on themselves, they choose to be jealous of or attempt to sabotage those who are trying to grow.  There are also people who think work is social hour focusing more on making friends than their job duties.  Both types of people make work miserable; having both types of people in the same work environment is complete and utter chaos.  If something is not right with your coworkers, say something to management and go up the chain until something is done.  Also, always do what is best for you and your career.  ALWAYS.  Protect your license at all costs and document everything.

I'll have another update for you when some things are finalized.

Take care,

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